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tv   DW News  LINKTV  January 15, 2016 2:00pm-2:31pm PST

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♪ >> visit is "dw news" live from berlin. a drug trial tragedy in france. people now face irreversible brain damage. they were helping to test a new pain and mood disorder medication. the french health minister has denied reports that cannabis was part of the drug's makeup.
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the tide of public opinion turning, germans oppose which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] -- oppose chancellor angela merkel's immigration policy. and, we say goodbye to a performer who transcended his time, david bowie. ♪ >> it is good to have you with us. tonight, the worst-case scenario for developing a new medication has happened. a clinical drug trial and france has left one man brain-dead and five others hospitalized in serious condition. they were healthy people helping to test a new drug to test pain and mood disorders. the portuguese farm -- firm
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bial saying they ran the study by the book. >> on january 7, healthy volunteers turned up at this lab to try new painkiller. within days, it became clear that something was terribly wrong and the trial was hastily called off. the doctor in charge had more bad news for the families. >> three of the four patients already have symptoms serious to fear there will be left with irreversible handicaps. that is the best case. it is important to say that we cannot make a definitive prognosis yet. their condition is being monitored very closely. the french health minister dismissing earlier reports that
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the drug contained active ingredients of cannabis. >> this drug does not contain cannabis, nor is it a product or drug derived from cannabis. it acts on natural systems which fight pain. >> the lawyer representing victims is scathing. >> how come in 2016 with all the means we have can such an accident still happen? i have no idea. maybe there has been a human error. i can't believe in a coincidence of circumstances. now the search for answers begins. >> the drugs manufacturer is cooperating. >> lots of big questions here to answer. i want to pull in our paris correspondent, lisa lewis. we hear the french health
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ministry saying there was no cannabis used in this medication. what were these volunteers taking, do we know? >> this is a new molecule that was supposed be acting on a system of the brain, the part dealing with pain and anxiety. the portuguese pharmaceutical company bial is saying this molecule had not been tested elsewhere, only in france. >> the portuguese company bial, what are they saying about what has happened other than that they were following the rules? >> that is what they are saying, we have been following the rules all the way along, in touch with authorities, and now that this has happened, we are very sorry. we want to understand what foley has happened. some of the representatives are now cooperating fully with the
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parties to find out what happened there. >> i can imagine people around the world -- talking about how tragic this story is, but at the same time, human volunteers are necessary to bring new medication to the market. how often then do these types of tragedies happen? >> that is true. the french minister said that this is very rare. she said this is unprecedented in france. this is the first stage of a truck trial in which a new substance is administered to human beings, but these humans are healthy, so there are no side effects expected normally. this is surprising for the company. >> a tragic story when the statistics are not on your side, as is the case for these people in france. lisa lewis in paris. thank you very much.
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tonight, numbers that the german chancellor angela merkel is not used to seeing, a poll shows that the majority of germans believe that germany will not be able to cope with the open-door policy pushed by the german chancellor. with 50,000 new migrants in the last two weeks alone, the pressure on chancellor angela merkel to change course has never been more. >> the number of migrants has not let up, more than 51,000 refugees since the beginning of january. at this rate, 2016 could see more asylum-seekers than last year. the mood among germans is beginning to shift as the latest opinion polls show. only 44% of germans currently agree with chancellor angela merkel's statement, we can do it. the majority, 51%, at 3% rise
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over october, believe germany is unable to cope wih the refugees. there is growing criticism within the government itself. many members are demanding a change in course and gathering signatures of support. in patients is also growing within the spd. >> i believe there is a large consensus that the experience in the last four months may not be allowed to be carried forward this year. we are noticing this year the degree to which the social climate has ordered he changed. >> chancellor angela merkel is working for fairer distribution of refugees across the eu, but many member states are refusing to cooperate. >> let's pull in our political correspondent, simon young, covering this story in berlin. good evening to you. we've been reporting for quite
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some time that the mood is changing here in germany when it comes to refugees. talk to me about the numbers to prove it. >> yes. the mood is becoming more impatient as the weeks go by and people see there is no return around in the situation regarding refugees here in germany. as you quoted in that report, there's a poll released today saying that 51% of people say they don't believe in chancellor angela merkel's open arms policy towards refugees. there is another poll that says that number goes up to 60% who are skeptical. but i think that move in impatience is one point. there is also a new ugliness in the mood since the beginning of the year, particularly since those disturbances in cologne. there is a town in western germany that has banned male
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refugees from visiting its swimming pool. it says that female bathers and staff have been harassed, verbally abuse, and so on. so this kind of thing is perhaps just a local story, but it does illustrate that people think just about whether to let refugees into the country, it's about how to integrate the more than one million people who arrived in germany last year, and 3000 more each day. >> that is a central part of the story, right? once they are here, what happens then? chancellor angela merkel is under increasing pressure from her own party on this issue. is there any chance that you see her changing her position? >> i think there will have to be some correction of policy, but the overall policy of welcome towards refugees will remain in place. i think that chancellor angela merkel has to closely identified with it to change it and retain her credibility, but she is under attack from all sides
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within her party and without. gerhard schroder said today that it is an illusion to think that there is no limit to germany's ability to integrate people from abroad, so pressure grows, the european countries are not helping chancellor angela merkel to get out of this fix. the problem remains. >> we have not seen a story like this with chancellor angela merkel ever before. simon young, thank you very much. sierra leone has confirmed the death of another person from ebola hours after the world health organization declare the outbreak in west africa over. who said the woman died earlier in the week and only tested positive on thursday. officials are now trying to track down more than two dozen people she came into contact with. the recent ebola epidemic killed more than 11,000 people, the vast majority of them were in guinea, liberia, and sierra leone.
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the united nations is voicing alarm tonight over escalating levels of violence in burn the -- and signs of an ethic -- ethnic dimension to the conflict, threatening to push the country into renewed civil war. there are reports of gang rape, torture, and the discovery of mass grades. >> clashes in december, barely a day has passed without killings since the president won a disputed third term in july. now the situation is getting worse. 10 years after the end of the ethnic-based civil war, the united nations is warning that the political conflict could open old wounds. >> the suggestion that an ethnic i mention is now starting to emerge is reinforced by one of
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these sexually abuse women who said that her abuser told her that she was paying the price of being a tutsi. another witness claimed the tutsi's were systematically killed what hutus were spared. >> the resurgence is worrying. it lies next to rwanda, were genocide devastated the country in 1994. the united nations secretary-general has voiced concerns. >> violence could deepen inside the country and spill across borders. government must take steps to build confidence, including releasing prisons -- prisoners of conscience and lifting restrictions on society. >> tensions between the tutsi minority and hutus have conflicted the region ever since independence in 1962. now there are fears the east african country could be on the brink of a new civil war. >> sports news, real madrid and
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their are to appeal against transfer bans imposed by isifif. the two teams will not be able to transfer players after breaking rules over signing under age players. the club's the ruling is unjustified. >> real madrid has a new coach. the new face in charge of the spanish giants has his sights set on new championships, but for now that will have to be achieved without any new players. the reason for the sanction, fifa found problems with the signing of players under 18 between 2005-2014. the club failed to register the place with the spanish football association. two players are sons of the new coach. >> real madrid will appeal the decision and every court because we consider it wrong.
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this club has never taken part in the uprooting of families of under age players. the arguments are so wrong that they had even come up with this absurd sanctioning of the club because of the sons of the coach. >> there is not much hope that their appeal will succeed. barcelona had a similar penalty, but lost their appeal with the court of arbitration for sport. their band recently expired. fifa also find the two teams, one having to pay more than 800,000 your's, and real madrid over 300,000 eurozons. >> you are watching "dw news"
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live from berlin. a performer who transformed and was transformed by berlin. the german k pays final tribute to its beloved adopted son -- german capital pays final tribute to its beloved adopted son, david bowie. ♪ >> that story, plus business sues -- news. stay with us. we are back in 60 seconds. ♪
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>> welcome back. you are with "dw news" live from berlin. our top stories. an exceptional accident, one dead, three may face permanent brain damage after taking part in a french clinical drug trial that would run. the portuguese firm has promised to cooperate fully as an
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investigation gets underway. the german chancellor angela merkel under pressure after a new poll shows the majority of germans oppose open-door policy on refugees. this as over 50,000 migrants have arrived in germany in the past two weeks alone. time for business news. the week ending with a global stockmarket selloff. ugly numbers today. >> it has been a brutal date for equity markets. europe taking the lead from asia, where shanghai closedown, dragging other asian markets with it. the dow in the red by 500 points, 3%. lingering fears over the stubborn oil price, which trapped under $30 a barrel today for the first time in more than a decade, and the lack of good news from china was on
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investors minds. u.s. data disappointed markets further, putting more pressure on germany's blue-chip index da x, which ended down. giant tractors and little pink piglets, it must be international green week, the biggest agricultural trade show open today. the mood is somber, with farmers claiming prices are too low. the german agricultural minister said a lack of perspectives are often the cause of destabilization. that's white strengthening the agricultural sector is so crucial, especially in developing economies. morocco is one of economy that plans to do this and this year's green week partner country. >> fried fish, a plant, and potato patties -- in the old
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town, visitors are tempted by a wide variety of moroccan delicacies. fine food plays a role in the north african country, and much of it is homemade. the fish is freshly caught from the ocean, the silver fish factory near as a blogger is one of the largest, employing 1000 people who process are dean's, 6 -- process sardines, 60% exported. the products are sold under various brand names. the mix of random names is made for the german market and certified. >> the certification allows us to sell our products in the european and international markets, where certified, eco-for new products are worth more. the certification has no influence on prices here in morocco. -- eco-friendly products are worth more.
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the certification has no influence on prices here in morocco. moroccans call sardines the door man's fish, less than two euros. some 40% of moroccans work in agriculture or the fishing industry, but experts warn of overfishing. >> fish production plays a key role in the national economy and it has a future. but we cannot allow ourselves to concentrate solely on fishing. resources are limited. at some point, these natural resources will be depleted. >> fish production is an important sector for morocco. annual sales total sum one billion euros, set to triple by 2020. >> farmers from across europe
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congregate, and they are not happy. prices for dairy and meat are at rock-bottom, due in part to sanctions imposed on russia. there are two sides to every story. after the new free trade agreement with europe came into effect, ukrainian companies are optimistic. >> this caviar is from salmon instead of sturgeon, but still in high demand. the company behind it produces in ukraine in germany, now hoping the free trade agreement with the eu will bolster sales. >> it is really important because we have a plan, making business much easier. providing advice to trade companies in berlin, but many have stayed home because of the slumping economy.
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executives are optimistic. this manufacturer has managed to convince supermarkets to sell his cheese bars. >> when you run into problems, you just have to get on your feet and work harder. there is no other solution. >> pressure is absent at green week, political tensions have led to trade sanctions. moscow has banned imports of meat and milk from the eu, dragging down prices in the eu, because there is simply too much meat on the market. >> the russian embargo is really hurting us. after switzerland, the u.s., it was the third-largest market outside the eu. annu sales we some 1 billion yeareuros. that has now dropped by half. germany's food and agricultural minister believes the sector can still rive. with an export offensive, the
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global market determining prices. >> that's why we have to adjust to the global market. >> that is easier said than done. across the world, prices fell last year. supply is high and demand is weaker, particularly in asia. so despite perfect presentations at this year's green week, some things are still leaving a bitter taste. ♪ >> that is it from me for today, this week, in fat. your next business update at the top of the hour. >> have a good weekend. it has been a somber weeks here in berlin. since the death of david bowie was announced on monday, we have been telling you about a special relationship with berlin. however the very zenith of his popularity in the 1970's, he shed his ziggy stardust persona and fled for cold war ground
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zero, years that were transformative in his career. there is a story about his epic concert that made the berlin wall tremble two years before it fell. i'll culture editor attended -- our cultural editor at tended -- editor attended an event with i bowie fan. ♪ >> your home is like a david bowie museum. >> you can see what i've got. i really like this funny thing. you can dress up david bowling -- david bowie. this is david bowie as mozart. the most important thing i have is the sofa from the jungle. >> can i sit on it?
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i am david bowie and you are iggy pop. >> i and you might play iggy pop. >> ok. >> the first david bowie song was sound and vision, and it changed my life. ♪ ♪ >> i just wanted to say goodbye. >> he was always an inspiration
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for me in my life. let's say he was the sound and vision in our life. >> he blew our minds. >> did he blow our minds? >> yes, definitely. >> i heard your speech, and i heard the cello, it made me cry. i want to thank you very much. >> this was probably the window that david bo we was looking out of when he saw tony visconti, and it inspired "heroes." ♪ >> isn't that heaven ♪ >> a lovely farewell there to david goalie by aging --
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adrienne kennedy. excellent. the top stories we are following for you. in france, one person brain dead and five others in the hospital after a clinical drug trial went horribly wrong. paris prosecutors are investigating. the portuguese firm has promised to cooperate fully. you are up to date with "dw news" live from berlin. more news at the top of the hour. thank you for the company. i was you again at the top of the hour. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] ♪
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anchor: 9:00 p.m. here at the french capital. exceptional gravity. a french minister is describing a drug trial that left one man in a coma and at least three others with permanent brain damage. paying their recent act. -- their respect. authorities carry out fresh anti-terror operations. starving to death, the un security council holds a session amid reap ports of seizures of towns across syria which have left hundreds of thousands of people facing starvation


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